The Journey 2022 & Beyond

The Journey 2022 & Beyond

A new site for a new stage of our journey

Latest Update

Since our Open Day, many meetings and telephone calls have occurred.

We have applied for planning permission to place 2 x sea containers on the property so that we can start to sort out and safely store everything from the garage and storage unit.

Open Day 14 October 2023

Saturday 14 October was a beautiful, warm sunny day – perfect for people to meet each other, many for the first time.

The first picture above shows Jill – Chairperson introducing herself and other members of the GFS Board and staff. Just prior to Jill speaking Auntie Darlene gave a welcome to country speech.

The other photos are of members and visitors looking around the property, chatting and enjoying a lovely afternoon tea.  The seventh photo shows Chris Oliver who had sourced plants for members and visitors to plant.  The last picture shows Darlene planting sunflower seeds to be taken home and nurtured. 

The start of our journey
Our property on West Swan Road was purchased in 2021.  Below are some photographs of the property just after the purchase was finalised.

The first image above is the rear of the house, the next pictures are the front view with a close up of the slate feature at the front entrance along with figs on the tree and one of the beautiful gum trees.

Lots of rain, many weeds!

The rains arrived and filled up the dam then the weeds arrived……….

Saturday 2nd September 2023

 The GFS Board met with several professional advisors at the West Swan site to discuss future projects and management.