Girls’ Friendly Society has been part of the lives of millions of girls and women ever since a young woman’s dream became a reality and Mary Elisabeth Townsend founded a society in 1875 that was to become known throughout the world by just three letter GFS.  Today here in Perth, around Australia and in parts of the world,  men are involved in the ministry of the organisation as well.

Wednesday Women

WEDNESDAY WOMEN is an initiative of GFS Perth which meets as least once monthly.
WEDNESDAY WOMEN meet to share strong supportive friendships and heart warming fun and to do life changing feats together.
Wednesday Women was launched 4 May 2022 and is GFS Perth’s first initiative since moving to it’s new premises. 

From the outset of conversations about the group we had always envisioned that, in keeping with us being a membership organisation, what the group became would be shaped by those who became a part of it i.e. that ‘the what’ was owned by the group, so as to give everyone involved a voice in its shaping.

Join us for a unique opportunity to be part of shaping the next stage of the journey begun almost 140 years ago.
Wednesday Women has its own newsletter (click here to read) and its own Facebook group (click here to access)


Mother & Daughter High Tea

An annual afternoon of fun, food and friendship awaits at our Mother & Daughter High Teas.  Held on the Saturday the weekend before Mothers Day we gather to enjoy tasty delights, tea and coffee and champagne. We usually have a theme and we welcome all women and girls to attend, bring a mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law and come and enjoy a great afternoon.
Here a few photos of a previous the Mother and Daughter High Tea.