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The Girls’ Friendly Society has been part of the lives of millions of girls and women ever since a young woman’s dream became a reality and Mary Elisabeth Townsend founded a society in 1875 that was to become known throughout the world by just three letter GFS.  Today here in Perth, around Australia and in parts of the world we have men involved in the ministry of the organisation as well.

GFS Women’s Group

Our GFS Women’s Group is for those who would like to help GFS Perth make a difference!  If you would like to come and be part of an exciting new chapter in the life of GFS in Perth and chat about our history, currently community needs and our future and how you can be part of that we encourage you to join our mailing list here and come along on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month 7.30-9.30pm .  It will be held in the Greenwood Anglican Church hall and we would love for you to join us.
It’s amazing what women can do when we get together to support, encourage and challenge each other.


Mother & Daughter High Tea

An annual afternoon of fun, food and friendship awaits at our Mother & Daughter High Teas.  Held on the Saturday the weekend before Mothers Day we gather usually at an Anglican Parish to enjoy tasty delights, tea and coffee and champagne.  We run a raffle with LOTS of prizes and a door prize as well.  Funds raised go towards the current World Project of GFS or another GFS project either in Australia or overseas.  We usually have a theme and we welcome all women and girls to attend, bring a mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law and come and enjoy a great afternoon.
This year (2019) the Mother and Daughter High Tea was held at St John’s Greenwood. Although we did not have as big a turn out as previous years we had a wonderful afternoon with yummy food and lots of prizes to be won by all present.
Last year the Mother & Daughter High Tea was held at:

St Anslem’s Kingsley/Woodvale

We had a great afternoon on Saturday May 5th at St Anslem’s Kingsley.  We were able to use the wonderful new facilities they have there.  All those who came along enjoyed a fabulous time of food and friendship.  We had lots of prizes to be won and a goodie bag for all the “mums” and we welcomed quite a few new people who we hope can come again. Thanks to all who helped out setting up and cleaning away it was very much appreciated.  We raised over $600 on the day, profits will go to the GFS World Project in Sri Lanka.   Til next year…
Use this link to see what the GFS World Project is that we are supporting through the Mother and Daughter High Tea.


On the weekend before Father’s Day we hold an afternoon for the Dads’N’Lads.  A “Girl FREE” zone for men and their sons, grandsons, nephews, friends to get together and celebrate their familes and friendship.
Big games, food and fun await at this afternoon.  Check in here closer to August to find out the date, time and place of our next Dad’N’Lads.
Our next Dad’N’Lads afternoon will be at: