What could be more life giving than belonging to an organisation that has friendship as its core purpose.

WHO ARE WE: GFS Perth is an inclusive not-for-profit enabling friendship and belonging that inspires people to thrive.
It is the local expression of a pioneer organisation established in 1875 in the UK and in 1888 in Western Australia.

WHAT DO WE DO: We create welcoming spaces and places where friendships flourish and people can belong and grow.

WHY DO WE DO IT: We believe that friendship is a God given gift that enables people to thrive.

WE ARE ACCESSIBLE to all whatever their story. We celebrate diversity and are committed to helping our friends achieve their potential.

WE ARE PRAYERFULour faith is central to all we do so praying for our friends and ministry is a key aspect of our journey.

WE ARE CREATIVE we are innovative and imaginative, where no solution exists, we work and think creatively to find one.

WE ARE LEADERSpioneering new ideas, resources and programmes makes us more effective in speaking with a voice that brings people together in friendship.

WE ARE CHANGE-MAKERSour commitment is to friendship that impacts people’s lives and brings positive change.

WE ARE COLLABORATORSwe foster co-operation between individuals and organisations, bringing credibility and enthusiasm to every partnership we undertake.


Do you want to have fun and make lasting friendships in a safe and non-competitive environment, then GFS Perth for you!

Currently we offer membership to adults and we look to re-establish memberships for children from Pre-Primary to Year 12 soon.
Membership costs $40 per year (the downloadable membership pack outlines the benefits of membership)
Membership is definitely for those who want to make a difference by being a friend and sharing that friendship gift with others, which could be in countless ways. In fact being a member will be what you make it as you join in the journey with us.
Membership also means you are able to vote at our annual meeting.
To apply to join GFS Perth please download the membership form here Application for New Membership  and email or post to our office.
If you are a current GFS Perth member if there have been NO CHANGES to your information please pay your fee either via direct debit below, cash or post a cheque to the office.
If there has been any changes, please download your form here GFS Perth Inc. Renewal of Membership Form 2020 and pay your fee either via direct debit, cash or post a cheque to the office.

Pay your membership with here via credit or debit cards