Originally known as the Girls Friendly Society, GFS came to Australia from England in 1875 with the daughters of the new Governor to South Australia, the Ladies Jervois, and since that time has spread to all States in Australia, operating in 14 Anglican Dioceses. Today in Australia we are just named GFS Australia Inc. however ministries around Australia use various names under the umbrella of GFS.
In recent years to accommodate both the boys and girls now attending our groups in branches across Australia, the name Kids Plus+™ has been used as well as KidzLink, Townsend Fellowship etc.

The National Executive

GFS Australia Incorporated is the national body of GFS and is run by the GFS National Executive listed below, who are responsible for carrying out the directions of the National Council, which meets every three years and the AGM held in January each year.
Chairman – Rev’d Cheryl Selvage
Vice Chairman – Lyn Vaak
Secretary – Julie SMith
Treasurer – Noeleen Stewart
Junior Delegate – Abouk Majouk
Executive Members – Leanne Kapetanovski, Val Gribble
Chaplain – Canon Sonia Roulston
The next meeting of the National Council is scheduled for January 2020 in Brisbane, QLD
The Annual General Meeting is conducted every year either by physically meeting, electronically or by using postal communication methods.
GFS Australia Incorporated is governed by its Rules of the Association. Individual Dioceses are responsible for GFS in their area within Australia, but they all participate in the national organisation of GFS Australia Incorporated.
Please go to the website if you would like more information:

GFS World

The GFS World Conference is to be held in South African in 2020
The purpose of the World Council of GFS is to share our faith and promote friendship between members of the society around the world. Participation in the past has facilitated opportunities for special friendships between member countries. In the past five decades there have been twenty two World Councils hosted by various different countries.
The South African Council will be our ‘23rd World Council.’
The GFS World Website can be found here