Monday Memories – Caravan Part 12

“From 1926-1943 a “little house on wheels’, as the children called it, travelled through the outback of Western Australia, bringing friendship, comfort and the message of the Gospel to the settlers, and a special ministry to their children.” Quote from A Century of Challenge by Jean Seymour.

Using the same program as we do in Perth we have in the past taken our Holiday Clubs “on the road!”. We have visited Katanning, Bunbury, Bruce Rock, Wongan Hills and Esperance.

Our first “country” holiday program was held in 2013 in the July school holidays and we visited Bruce Rock and then Wongan Hills.  Little did we know that this would begin a wonderful time of connecting with children (and adults) in the rural centres on a yearly basis for some of them.  In the past few years we have just visited Wongan Hills and Esperance with other centres not having people to help us out in the town.

We look forward to continuing this again this year in the October holidays in Wongan Hills.

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