Monday Memories – Past Chairperson’s Part 2

Carrying on from our post on the 11th of May, following are some more Chairmen that have lead GFS here in Perth:

  • Miss Marian Creeper (1958-1960)

Miss Creeper was a member of GFS from the time she was a Junior and had already made a big contribution to the Society as a leader before she became President. She had the capacity to inspire people with her own vision and during her term of office GFS reached great heights, both in membership and achievements.

  • Miss Margaret Bunday (1961)

Miss Bunday was Chairman of GFS for one year before she took up a teaching appointment in England. She had been a GFS leader for some years and brought many skills to her role as Chairman. The Society continued to grow and develop under her leadership.

  • Mrs Merle Davis (1962-1970)
Mrs Davis played a very important part in the life of GFS during the nine years she was Chairman. There was great outreach by the Society in that period, particularly in regard to the Mission work of the Church, which received tremendous support from the GFS branches through her encouragement. Mrs Davis took a keen interest in the work of the Lodge, with which she was very much involved, as she was with every area of the Society. She used her considerable literary skills for the benefit of GFS and was Commonwealth Literature Secretary for many years. She also edited the Society’s Australia-wide magazine, ‘Cooee-Link’ , and prepared much of the material for the ‘GFS Lone Post’ for correspondence members in WA. While she was Chairman she introduced a comprehensive newsletter, with which she kept everyone in touch with what was happening in the Society.


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos at the moment to add to this, but hopefully I will be able to find some in our archives.  Please feel free if you have any photos of these ladies to add it to the comments or maybe you have a memory to share with others. 

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