Monday Memories – Royal Show Tearooms

Unfortunately this year the Royal Show will not be going ahead like so many other things this year. We can still however, remember the past thought and the wonderful ladies who set up the tea rooms at the Royal Show.
In 1929, WA’s Centenary year, a Centenary Exhibition of women’s work was organised by a GFS committee headed by Miss Connie Miller. It was held in the hall of the high school (the former Hale School, which was on the corner of Parliament Place and Havelock Street) for ten days and was opened by the Governor, Sir William Campion, whose mother was GFS Central President in England from 1896-1900.
The 8,000 articles shown were made or used by women during the previous 100 years. 217 pounds was cleared and this paid for the GFS Refreshment Booth to be built at the Royal Show – a good fund raiser for many years and a great help towards paying off the debt on the GFS Headquarters building after it was purchased. Mrs Alfred Burt and Miss Connie Miller led a team of keen workers at the Show Booth.
 The GFS House Mother cooked all the cakes on the wood stove at GFS Headquarters and they were often taken to the showground in the GFS caravan. During World War II the building was taken over by the army and returned to the Society in 1945. After much consideration of the problems involved, including staffing, it was decided not to continue with the Show Booth and it was sold to the Red Cross.

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