Monday Memories – Sporting Activities Part 2



The first senior GFS team was entered in the West Australian Basketball Association competition in 1955. The team played at South Belmont, Doubleview Primary School, Leederville and Redcliffe State Schools. The main ground was Langley Park, but games were also played at Perth Boys’ and Girdleston Girls’ School each Saturday. Girls in the teams were coached by Mr Laurie Heil, who was a CEBS Leader at St Mary’s, South Perth, and they trained on the Mends Street tennis courts at South Perth. Following are details of the teams taking part:

1956         1 senior team           1 junior team

1957         1 senior team           2 junior teams

1958         1 senior team           4 junior teams

1959         1 senior team           4 junior teams

1960         2 senior teams         4 junior teams

1961         1 senior team             1 junior team

1962         1 senior team playing at the Matthews Centre, Wembley for the first time.
(By then most of the girls were playing in High School teams and that was the last year the girls participated as GFS members at the Matthews Centre.)

Alison Elliott (nee Waller (dec)) played a key role in the GFS senior basketball. She was captain of the first team and competed in that section for five years. She was also coach of the GFS team that competed in the Society’s Interstate Netball Carnival in 1973.


Although GFS members from 15 years were able to play in the WA Basketball Association, there was no competition for the Sub-Juniors, 10-12 years of age, so GFS started its own and this continued with outstanding success for many years at the Anglican Sporting Association ground in Mt Lawley and other venues. The opening of the first season at ASA took place on 5 May 1962 with a colourful march past of over 100 girls in brightly coloured uniforms from the 15 GFS branches competing, with another branch joining in later. Miss Glenys Pickford (nee Waller) and Vivienne Waller and Rowena Clairs played a big part in the organising of this competition.

In the second year of the competition there were 17 GFS teams playing at the ASA grounds and eight teams at Fremantle. Approximately 200 GFS members took an active part each Saturday. In 1964 the CEGS were invited to share in the competition and in that year there were 23 GFS teams and five CEGS teams taking part at three centres.

In 1965 a change was made and instead of the inter-branch basketball matches a series of Lightning Carnivals were arranged during the winter at the ASA grounds. A separate competition was organised by Miss Ellaine Wright, a GFS leader at Millen (East Victoria Park) branch, with some CEGS teams playing in that competition. Lightning Carnivals were continued at the Matthews Netball Centre at Floreat Park when it opened. In 1972 there was a special inter-branch netball competition at Matthews Centre, when 16 teams took part and a squad of 20 girls was selected to train for the GFS Interstate Netball Carnival to be held in Adelaide in May 1973. 10 girls from the group were chosen in early 1973 for the team. The CEGS were also invited to take part and they had a junior and senior team and four leaders attending the carnival.

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