Outreach Part 1

The history of GFS in Western Australia brings to life the members’ role in caring and serving within the Anglican Church and the community.  It is no t possible to list all the areas of concern where branches have seen a need and made a real effort to be involved, because it was often done quietly and without publicity. The support took the form of fund raising, the making of gifts and regular visits (including carol singing at Christmas and other entertainment). Branches often developed a special and long lasting link with a home or hospital in their parish and a warm relationship grew up between the girls and those they befriended. Amongst some of those helped have been:

  • St Bartholomew’s, East Perth
  • St George’s Hospital, Mt Lawley
  • Moline House
  • James Brown House
  • Anglicare
  • Daisy House (a branch of Anglicare in Girrawheen)
  • Scarborough Hostel for Mentally Retarded Children
  • Rowethorpe
    (Disclaimer: The names/terms above where the names/terms used back in 1988 and may not be currently used)
Many branches supported St Bart’s, but one that developed a particularly strong link with it was St Aidan’s , Scarborough. The girls enthusiastically washed cars and held cake stalls over many years to raise funds for the home. A group of leaders and senior GFSers always visited it the Sunday before Christmas and attended the Holy Communion Service in the chapel with the men before handing over the gifts members had made for them (including jam, cordial and cakes) and boxes of food . The residents of St Bart’s were always very moved by the visits and the personal ‘handing over’ of gifts.


After hearing that Anglicare had an urgent need for napkins and baby clothes, this was made a special project during 1986. GFS members and leaders held fund raising functions and sent regular parcels to Anglicare throughout the year. For the first time they had nappies always ‘on the shelf’ and the baby clothes filled an urgent need for many mothers-to-be in desperate circumstances. Some $800 was raised and the estimated value of the gifts to Anglicare was set at $1,000 – due to many items being mad  and the discounts obtained from bulk buying.
Miss Jan McNamara – Chairman of the GFS Branch Committee of the time, with Ms Billy Parker, Anglicare social worker.

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