Alison Gilchrist

Alison Gilchrist

Alison joined GFS Perth directly after a management role in the WA social care sector. Working closely with the board she has initiated a change process aimed at enabling an almost 140-year-old organisation to continue and flourish in its contemporary setting.

Her experience includes 2 decades of church-based community development work in the UK followed by 7 years state-wide, at senior level with two denominations in WA; management of multiple outlets of international company both in the UK and overseas; the support and education of special needs pupils, and junior management within, successively, a government department, a school’s project related to urban regeneration and a family business. Alison trained for ordination at Cranmer Hall – Durham University and served in roles across diverse traditions, as well as leading a missional pilot project for the Church of England. She has developed dozens of new community initiatives and partnership projects using Asset Based Community Development modelling with a specialism in social inclusion.

Alison was the first female chaplain to the professional Rugby League in the world. She is also a published author, and conference speaker, and at various times appeared regularly on local radio, occasionally on TV and in other media in the UK; has been school governor, charity trustee, company director and chaired numerous groups.

Alison is a wife and mother to 2 adult daughters. A bunch of kids she has fostered and orphans in remote Kenya, have claimed her as Mamma too. She read lots, keeps fit, enjoys her 2 terriers, dislikes green tea intensely and LOL at every chance – which is enhanced by a Facebook group she founded some years ago called ‘The Global Smile Challenge‘.

Her passion is to see widespread human flourishing that enables everyone to thrive.