The JOURNEY 2022 – and beyond…
A new site for a new stage of the GFS Perth journey


Until 2020 GFS Perth had its HQ at Townsend Lodge but the property, which was older and in need of a costly update, became a burden.
In late 2021 we purchased 4380 West Swan Road which will be redeveloped to be our new base: FRIENDSHIP CENTRAL .
The vision for GFS Perth’s friendship hub: FRIENDSHIP CENTRAL has evolved and will no doubt evolve more as the processes concerned in making the dream come true come to fruition. What we do know is that our vision is for a hospitable place where people of all ages will find a welcome and that families will be a distinct focus – see details later about the eco-adventure park and family friendly eating area.
The site is 4 acres and currently looks like this:
The site, which fronts on to West Swan Road, was chosen not only for its a prime position in the Swan Valley – a place of natural beauty and one of Western Australian prime tourist areas with further tourist development planned – but because we wanted it to be a place that could be enjoyed by long standing and new members, as well as families living in or visiting the area. Close to the older established towns of Guildford and Midland, it is also close to Ellenbrook (Ellenbrook currently has an estimated population of 48,230 and it is envisioned that Ellenbrook will eventually become a satellite city, with a population of 80,000) and the Swan Urban Growth Corridor (Situated to the west of the Swan Valley is the 1,100 hectare Urban Growth Corridor (UGC) which is designated as a primary residential growth area in the City of Swan and expected to home to another 30+k people by 2026.)

The site is only a few hundred metres away from the main intersection with Reid Highway making it very accessible. There are also Transperth buses that run to the area and along West Swan Road with a bus stop walking distance from the Friendship Central site. A new railway line is making its way toward Ellenbrook and buses will also run from the nearest station to West Swan.

The site has a good many trees, mostly native gums; a house which will be converted for use, as well as the acreage, giving it bags of potential to be the home of our vision.

This rough initial MUD MAP gives a little insight into the vision and our dream for building it with the friendship and support of our members, old and new, and the surrounding community.



What is planned


FRIENDSHIP CENTRAL will be home to several different but complimentary things:


  • GFS Perth HQ and offices
The nerve centre of GFS Perth, our offices will oversee all the work of FRIENDSHIP CENTRAL and the wider work of GFS Perth, such as offsite groups and programmes.
  • GFS Archives

As one of the longest established organisations in WA we are keen that our artifacts are well curated and used to ensure we build on the legacy passed down to us.


  • Soul Central

At GFS Perth we believe God cares for the whole person and caring for our souls is especially important. Quiet time, meditation and mindfulness, listening to our souls and to each other, and prayer will be just some of the things that will be on offer in and through Soul Central.

  • The Friendly Fig

Will be our onsite café/restaurant. It’s here that we hope many new friendships will flourish and be where families can relax and have fun in a safe and creative environment.
We have developed a unique way for people who are visiting alone to engage with others if they are looking for friendship (Conversation Central) but will also have great nooks and corners for those who are looking for some quiet or alone time.

As much as possible we intend to grow our own food to develop seasonally inspired signature dishes as well as a smattering of much-loved WA favourites. The name and approach transpired after we located a large fig tree on the site, which also stirred our creative juices for jams, cordials, cakes, salads and so much more.

  • Eco-play garden and adventure playground.

Will be a key feature of the West Swan site. The concept is to offer an ecologically sound space that takes into account its position in the Swan Valley.

(The Swan Valley Action Plan seeks to ensure the region remains an attractive and thriving destination that balances viticulture/agriculture, lifestyle and tourism opportunities that are sympathetic to the rural setting.

  • Soul Walk a meditative interactive walk around the site – supported by an app.

Our dream is that the site will be a haven of tranquility, with parts distinctly aimed at that. We intend to run retreats, Friendship Weekends, and other events at various times throughout the year.

  • Listening Cornera qualified volunteer listening service will provide an empowering environment offering space, security and respect for people to share their stories. A place where being heard brings healing.
We look forward to being with many friends, old and new, across the state and in the area, who will enjoy joining in the journeying with us as we work on the development and take delight in sharing the finished product as we travel into the future at