There are layers of friendship

There are layers of friendship

The first layer is your intimate friends. On average we have 1.5 of these. They usually comprise a romantic partner and possibly a best friend. Women usually have a best friend, and men often just have a romantic partner.

The next layer usually comprises these intimates, plus about 4 more people and they are people you could call on, or would call on you, for support.

The next layer, including those 6, is 12 to 15 (you could call it the apostles). It is probably not an accident that sports teams are usually this number.

The next layer up is 50, and comprises friends, relations, and colleagues. The layer after that, famously known as ‘Dunbar’s number’ is 140-150, you could think of it as your tribe. This group comprises the other groups, plus acquaintances and after that, the number is 1,300-1,500. This is your friends, acquaintances, plus people you recognise (perhaps because they are famous), but don’t necessarily know.

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