Wednesday Women

Launched on 4 May 2022 – check out the details here.
WEDNESDAY WOMEN is an initiative of GFS Perth which meets as least once monthly.
WEDNESDAY WOMEN meet to share strong supportive friendships and heart warming fun and to do life changing feats together.

The launch of WEDNESDAY WOMEN is the beginning of our new journey since our move. It was wonderful to be able to share it with all those who were able to attend in person, and we look forward to welcoming those who were apologies due to Covid and other commitments, as well as all those who join us in the future.

The launch began, as all good events do, with food to share – from a grazing table.


Our Chair woman Josie shared some of the history of GFS, about our vision, mission and values, as well as a few details from our new strategic plan.

Our Development, Partnerships and Programmes Manager Alison shared ‘the why’ and first thoughts we’d had about WEDNESDAY WOMEN.

From the outset of conversations about the group we had always envisioned that, in keeping with us being a membership organisation, what the group became would be shaped by those who became a part of it i.e. that ‘the what’ was owned by the group, so as to give everyone involved a voice in its shaping.
We had thought we might meet twice a month but that too was a decision we left to the consensus of the group.

Alison also outlined an idea for our first FEAT….

Our proposal for our first FEAT is to join with the GFS Australia Special Project for 2022 – 2023 which is Remote Op Shop project. The e mail from GFS Australia read:

  “These Op Shops are in remote places in outback Northern Territory and Western Australia in Aboriginal communities. We can help by posting some of their needed goods. With small populations, they just don’t have enough of the goods to sell, and we who have a ‘throwaway society’ are primed to help. Collect up your clean, saleable items as listed in the following pages and post them yourself in the very large Australia Post parcel satchels to the addresses given (costs around $25 for 5 kg).”

BUT as we are looking for a FEAT i.e. “an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength,” we are looking at sending a container of support to 2 of the Op Shops in the North of our state.

If you’d like to join the WEDNESDAY WOMEN journey please drop us an e mail to, call us on 0455 507 039 or send a message through the contact page of the website.