About Us

About Us

Where we started

As one of WA’s oldest not-for-profit organisations, GFS Perth, formerly referred to as the Girls’ Friendly Society, has helped and supported thousands of local women and girls since the signing of its charter in 1888. GFS Perth started as an organisation for young women, by women.

The charter for the WA branch was signed on December 20, 1888, and the main focus of its work was to welcome migrant girls to WA and provide them with accommodation while they established themselves and found work.

They also held social evenings, a day of prayer, an annual picnic and established a sick fund. In 1914, the society bought an Adelaide Terrace property thanks to a loan from businessmen William Loton (who would become mayor) and Richard Vincent. The money was repaid, with interest, within seven years. The building, known as The Lodge, remained the society’s headquarters until it was sold in 1973.

At its peak in the 1930s, the society had 39 WA branches, 779 members, 200 associates, 189 senior candidates, 36 candidate workers, 441 junior candidates and 16 married helpers (refer to Our History for more information).

In recent years, the GFS has supported the Christmas Bowl Appeal, Walk Against Want, 40 Hour Famine, Telethon, and World Vision.

Where we are now

Worldwide, GFS spans over 29 countries, from Kenya to Papua New Guinea, Japan to Canada and Ireland, and here in Australia. Today, many of the GFS worldwide chapters, including GFS Perth, have opened their doors to all genders.

While GFS Perth is non-denominational, it is faith-based. Whatever your beliefs, we believe you are a vital and valuable member of our community.

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Knowing how important friendship is, GFS Perth seeks to catalyst a #FriendshipRevolution, and we hope you will join us in this journey!