Our Core Framework

Our Core Framework


Our Vision

To develop Community Hubs where we can offer places and spaces where all people are welcomed, included, and encouraged. Where respect leads the way, enabling friendships to flourish, and kindness and generosity thrives.


Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by providing a wide range of groups, activities, and projects. In addition to our current program, we will be adding the development of permaculture. This will serve as a source of training in cultivating self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural ecosystems.


Our Values

We strive to be:

  • Accessible - Celebrate diversity and are committed to helping our friends achieve their potential.
  • Prayerful - Prayer holds a significant place in our lives as we seek to support and uplift our friends and colleagues along our shared journey.
  • Creative - Imaginative and inventive; we work and think creatively.
  • Leaders - Pioneering new ideas, resources and programmes making us more effective in speaking with a voice that brings people together in friendship.
  • Changemakers - Committed to friendship that impacts people’s lives and brings positive change.
  • Collaborators - Fostering co-operation between individuals and organisations, bringing credibility and enthusiasm to every partnership we undertake.


Our Goals

  • Offer inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and nurturing opportunities for all.
  • Value friendship as a God-given gift.
  • We will care for our environment by implementing modern and sustainable practices.
  • Truthfully and ethically complete all tasks to achieve our vision and mission.