No-one is an island

No-one is an island

32% of adults aged 50-plus report often or always feeling lonely or isolated. Interestingly, the feeling was higher among people ages 50 to 64 (38%) than those aged 65-plus (24%).

We can blame the middle-aged struggle for friendship on a “season of life,” but friendship is too important to put on the back burner. We must attend to what is proven to be a life-sustaining element of aging.

Collectively, in the past few decades, we have come to believe that to be a human is to belong only and ever to yourself. In this framework of understanding, friendships can be a nice perk of a successful life, but friends can’t demand anything from you that you don’t choose to give.

At any point, if a friendship is holding you back or bringing you down, you can bail, because the only person you owe happiness to is yourself. Research now confirms that is a fallacy, as poet John Donne, famously wrote in 1624, ‘no one is an island.’ We need each other, it’s a scientific fact, so being flexible and gracious are essential attributes to enable our friendships to continue to flourish at any age, especially as we get older.

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